ProGuard Video- Control Analytics by ProTek/Browning/Fox

Check Video presents the ProGuard Security Solution to the Economic Action Team effort to bring back Florida's Technology and Tourism Economy.

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New Informational Control of Your Property for peace of mind.
Call for an estimate.  We are currently developing a client list for solo and four camera
video systems.  High-tech analytic video will allow you to select just the amount
of video area that you want to be notified about.  First Texting, then an e mail, will keep
you up to date on what's happening with your property.
You can be in Hong Kong and get a text alerting you to movement at our property.
All before the person in the video even knows they are on camera.  Call Don at 352 233 7990 for details.

Sun Solar Energy Systems selected as the OnGrid, OffGrid Energy Solution of the Year.  EDC Florida  Economic Action Team.
Sun Solar Energy Systems develops new Security Systems on and off Grid. 

Control Your Assets, Know What's Happening.
ProGuard Safety for you and your family.

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